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John Deere - Save $3,000 with cash purchase

John Deere - Save $3,000 with cash purchase

End Date: 11/1/2019

on New John Deere 5065E and 5075E Utility Tractors (45-75 hp)

  • Save $3,000┬╣ on cash purchases of 5065E/5075E

  • Offer available 01 August 2019 through 01 November 2019

Save $500 with the purchase of two or more Implements. 

┬╣Offer available on qualifying purchases made between 01 August 2019 and 01 November 2019. Prices and models may vary by dealer. Save $2,750 USD on new John Deere 5045E/5055E, or $3,000 on 5065E/5075E This cannot be combined with the regular finance options. Sales made to government agencies, company direct sales or other businesses/agencies that participate in John Deere's Special Discount Program or Rental Business Program are not eligible. Some restrictions apply, so see participating dealer for details and other financing options. Offer is available only on New John Deere 5E (45-75 hp) Utility Tractors only at participating United States dealers. Prices and savings are in U.S. dollars.